AASHTO M 326-18 PDF Format



AASHTO M 326-18 PDF Format


Standard Specification for Polyethylene (PE) Liner Pipe, 300- to 1600-mm Diameter, Based on Controlled Outside Diameter
standard by American Association of State and Highway Transportation Officials, 2018



AASHTO M 326-18 covers the requirements and methods of tests for outside diameter dimension controlled polyethylene liner pipe (PE liner pipe), jointing, and fittings for use in pipe relining and culvert rehabilitation for industrial wastes, sanitary sewer and surface and subsurface drainage applications.

Nominal sizes of 300 to 1600 mm are included.

Materials, workmanship, dimensions, pipe stiffness, joining systems, and form of markings are specified.

This specification is intended for rehabilitation of industrial waste, sanitary sewer, and surface and subsurface drainage applications by the insertion of PE liner pipe through existing pipe. PE liner pipe is designed to minimize traffic disruption, subsurface damage, and rehabilitate existing sewers and culverts with little or no interruption in service or traffic.

Note When polyethylene pipe is to be used in locations where the ends may be exposed, consideration should be given to protection of the exposed portions due to combustibility of the polyethylene and the effects of prolonged exposure to ultraviolet radiation.

For the PE liner pipe to perform properly the annular space between existing and PE liner pipe must be filled. This specification does not include methods to fill the annular space between the existing pipe and the PE liner pipe, insertion techniques, and termination techniques. Construction and installation procedures are described in ASTM F 585, Standard Practice for Insertion of Flexible Polyethylene Pipe into Existing Sewers.

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