AASHTO M 85-11 PDF Format



AASHTO M 85-11 PDF Format


Standard Specification for Portland Cement (ASTM Designation: C 150-11)
standard by American Association of State and Highway Transportation Officials, 2011




1.1. This specification covers ten types of portland cement as follows (Note 1):
1.1.1. Type I-For use when the special properties specified for any other type are not required;
1.1.2. Type IA-Air-entraining cement for the same uses as Type I, where air-entrainment is desired;
1.1.3. Type II-For general use, more especially when moderate sulfate resistance is desired;
1.1.4. Type IIA-Air-entraining cement for the same uses as Type II, where air-entrainment is desired;
1.1.5. Type II(MH)-For general use, more especially when moderate heat of hydration and moderatesulfate resistance are desired.
1.1.6. Type II(MH)A-Air-entraining cement for the same uses as Type II(MH), where air-entrainment isdesired.
1.1.7. Type III-For use when high early strength is desired;
1.1.8. Type IIIA-Air-entraining cement for the same use as Type III, where air-entrainment is desired;
1.1.9. Type IV-For use when low heat of hydration is desired; and
1.1.10. Type V-For use when high sulfate resistance is desired.
Note 1-Some cements are designated with a combined type classification, such as Type I/II,indicating that the cement meets the requirements of the indicated types and is being offered assuitable for use when either type is desired.

1.2. When both SI and inch-pound units are present, the SI units are the standard. The inch-pound unitsare approximations listed for information only.

1.3. The text of this standard references notes and footnotes which provide explanatory material. Thesenotes and footnotes (excluding those in tables and figures) shall not be considered as requirementsof the standard.

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