AASHTO R 27-01 (2019) PDF Format



AASHTO R 27-01 (2019) PDF Format


Standard Practice for Assessment of Corrosion of Steel Piling for Non-Marine Applications
standard by American Association of State and Highway Transportation Officials, 2001



This standard practice is focused on corrosion of steel piling for non-marine soil applications. This standard practice is divided into two parts: Part I – Environmental Conditions Causing Corrosion of Steel Piling, and Part II – Corrosion Considerations for New and Existing Piling.

Part I of the standard practice describes the current knowledge of the mechanism of underground corrosion to aid the reader in better understanding the controlling factors and identifies the known factors that cause corrosion of piling in non-marine applications.

Part II of the standard practice describes procedures that should be followed to assess the soil corrosivity at a specific site and offers guidance in the selection of corrosion mitigation procedures for new piling installations. Methods are described to evaluate the present condition of existing steel piling. Guidance is provided in the continued use of existing steel piling or reuse of steel piling in new or rehabilitated structures.

This standard practice does not preclude testing and test methods used to assess design parameters for the placement or continued use of piling.

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